Autumn Winter 2018 Lookbook

Look 01/21



In an age where the privacy of an individual is bought and sold as a commodity by tech giants, and governments are both increasing their surveillance of their citizens and unwillingly having their own secrets exposed, maharishi explores the double-edged sword that the internet has provided us with; the serpent within the core of the information age.

The internet has proven to be both a democratising force for good and at the same time a tool for pernicious corporate interests and governments seeking to surveil their citizens. maharishi explores this dichotomy with redacted text and graphics representing the current intensive surveillance we are all held subject to, and the vast amount of information that is both taken and withheld from us.

Wireframe landscapes are used in t-shirt graphics, in embroideries and in stitching details — reminiscent of the movie Tron and the early days of the internet. These are often used in combination with Ancient Japanese artworks to further express maharishi’s perennial interest in the dualities between Eastern art and Western technologies.

Artworks show mythical beasts breaking out of these wireframe landscapes, illustrated with serpents or dragon-headed snakes for tails. Inspired by the Greek Chimera - a hybrid beast and omen of impending disaster — this expresses the dualist nature of the universe whilst also foretelling of the dangers inherent in a brave new digital world. Ancient Komainu - often referred to as Lion or Foo Dogs in the West - can be found in embroideries to celebrate the Chinese Lunar year of the Dog.

Relaxed silhouettes, dropped shoulders and oversized fits are found throughout the collection. maharishi’s reinterpretation of vintage military jackets this season includes the USAF B-15 flight jacket, Naval A-2 deck jacket and the Soviet Fufaika - or ‘Telogreika’ jacket.

maharishi’s traditional offering of organic cottons and hemp is augmented with a lightweight sand-washed silk twill, reinforced Japanese ripstop nylon, and melton wool developed by British heritage mill Abraham Moon & Sons. Bomber jackets, liners, kimonos and accessories utilise a 3-ply Italian nylon fleece developed by Italian mill Majocchi, consisting of a waterproof and windproof membrane fused between a microfibre initially developed for the military and a super soft fleece — an ideal expression of maharishi’s ethos of utilising technology whilst respecting tradition.