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DPM: British Bonsai Forest

SS16 sees the return of DPM: British Bonsai, a disruptive pattern that combines the elements of the long standing (until recently) UK military pattern with elements of maharishi’s house pattern Bonsai Forest, which incorporates Bonsai tree shapes growing from heavenly clouds, reminding us that camouflage has its roots in nature. The Woodland… Read more.

Autumn Winter 2015 DPM: MAHSAT Europe Collection

In an era of escalating surveillance by government agencies and corporations, maharishi seek deep cover and look for inspiration in the way of the ninja — the original masters of stealth. The functionality of Disruptive Pattern Material garments from one of combat preparedness to contemporary utility is reinterpreted by adding details… Read more.

maharishi x UNDFTD x adidas ZX5000

After previewing the maharishi x Undefeated x adidas Originals Consortium Jabbar Hi silhouette, the ZX 5000 is revealed. Similar to the Jabbar Hi, the ZX 5000 displays maharishi’s signature camouflage pattern throughout the upper in a stark contrast of white on black, with Undefeated and adidas Originals logos subtly stamped on the exterior side, tongue and heel tab. The shoe… Read more.

maharishi x UNDFTD x adidas Jabbar Hi

First previewed in the video lookbook, maharishi, Undefeated and adidas Originals continue to unveil peeks of the collaborative collection. The first release from the footwear side offers a look at the Jabbar Hi, a high-rising court classic that has been redefined for urban rebellion. The sneaker is executed with a special ‘Disruptive Court Print’, a neutrally-coloured tiger camouflage pattern… Read more.

DPM: Indian Woodland Swords

maharishi’s Upcycled program celebrates it’s 20th anniversary with a capsule collection which recycles Indian paratrooper uniforms and cloth. The fabric was produced for the Indian military but was eventually rejected for having too low a carbon content, which reduced it’s protection from infra red camera’s and goggles, less than ideal for… Read more.

maharishi x London Undercover

maharishi team with London Undercover once again for another premium umbrella, this time lined with a DPM: Lunar Bonsai print. The print illustrates “a Bonsai Forest infiltrated by textural photographic moon surface with heavenly cloud shapes. Natural birch and bamboo make up the shaft and handle for a finish that feels organic yet… Read more.

Pacifist Preppers Part II Short Film

Following on from Pacifist Preppers Part I maharishi present a continuation of the short film, also directed by Norbert Schoerner and starring Ricki Hall, further exploring the concept of the modern day pacifist prepper. maharishi’s Spring Summer 2014 collection focusses on the Pacifists Prepper’s harnessing of the the Lunar Effect…. Read more.

maharishi drop seasonal camouflage DPM: Lunar Bonsai

maharishi traditionally create a seasonal disruptive pattern within each collection, this Spring Summer the house camo Bonsai Forest is infiltrated by a textural photographic moon surface within the pre-existing heavenly cloud shapes, from which magical bonsai trees grow, now aided by the moon’s bio-dynamic forces. These elements reinforce the concept… Read more.

maharishi Spring Summer 2014 Lookbook

maharishi’s Spring Summer 2014 collection continues to explore the culture of the Pacifist Prepper, this season with a focus on the Lunar Effect. In essence bio-dynamic farming considers the energy of the water and position of the moon and achieves a 30% greater yield than standard organic farming, a useful… Read more.

maharishi x G-SHOCK Master of G Rangeman GW-9400J

G-SHOCK’s latest addition to their premium range the, GW-9400, gets a special release in conjunction with maharishi, continuing their ongoing collaborative relationship following on from last years DPM:Bamdazzle release. To celebrate their AW13 Pacifist Prepper collection they have worked with G-SHOCK to create a limited edition Rangeman pack. Featuring the special Japan… Read more.

maharishi Autumn Winter 2013 Delivery 1

maharishi’s Autumn Winter 2013 collection is based on the modern day Prepper, a pacifist group who prepare for a future where our basic food and energy needs may not be provided by the state or private enterprise following economic or societal collapse, a solar flare hitting the earth and wiping… Read more.

DPM: Bonsai Python

maharishi’s long standing tradition of creating a new thematically relevant disruptive pattern each season continues this Spring Summer with DPM:Bonsai Python. Created to celebrate the Chinese lunar year of the snake the pattern takes it’s inspiration from the natural world, namely the disruptive patterns utilised by snakes and other reptiles… Read more.

DPM: Disruptive Pattern Material

Maharishi’s creative director, Hardy Blechman has been extremely influential in the proliferation of camouflage and combat trousers (or Snopants©) in civilian fashion over the past decade. After seven years of research, he revealed the depth of his exploration into the vast world of camouflage in his magnum opus: DPM (Disruptive… Read more.

Special Works School: Camouflage Park Exhibition at maharishi

For those academics with an interest in art and camouflage, tomorrow sees the launch of the Special Works Project Preliminary Report on the continued existence of Camouflage Park within Kensington Gardens.

maharishi DPM: Bonsai Forest All Terrain Cropped TDU Blazer

maharishi has released a cropped TDU blazer as part of their autumn winter 2011 collection. Featuring the signature DPM: Bonsai All Terrain camouflage in a night colourway. This blazer features two front flap side pockets with snap fastening, as well as a compact sleeve pocket. A Swiss riri zipper with… Read more.

The Complex Guide to Camo by Hardy Blechman

Forward by Nick Wooster. Forward:  maharishi took the idea of camo and ran with it in such away, that in the late 90s, it was the perfect thing at the perfect time. There was something in the air of change. I’d always worn camo, it was always about function, but… Read more.

maharishi x London Undercover

  London Undercover has teamed up with DPM to produce two striking umbrellas. The pattern on the fabric has been inspired by the dazzle paint scheme used on Navy ships during World War 1. The complex geometric shapes were designed to confuse a German torpedo operator as to the direction… Read more.

DPM x Acclaim Magazine

A limited edition DPM cover and an interview with Hardy Blechman features in the latest issue of the Australian Acclaim Magazine, exploring camouflage in contemporary design and culture. The cover features a Bonsai Forest variant of the British brushstroke pattern, celebrating the end of its usage after 60 years in… Read more.

DPM Desktop Wallpapers

maharishi presents a series of signature DPM Desktop Wallpapers. Featuring a selection of our favourite in-house disrupted patterns: Bonsai Night, Tiger Stripe, Bamdazzle and Bonsai Woodland. Bonsai Night           Tiger Stripe           Bamdazzle           Bonsai Woodland

DPM iPhone Wallpapers

maharishi presents a series of signature DPM iPhone wallpapers. Featuring a selection of our favourite in-house disrupted patterns.    

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