6564,Summer Snoshorts 55
6564,Summer Snoshorts 55
6564,Summer Snoshorts 55

Organic Italian Light Cotton:
Made from certified organic yarns spun by the premier supplier in Italy, then woven in northern Italy and finished in the Veneto region to the highest and most exacting standards to give the soft hand feel synonymous with Italian fabric.

  • Snocord waist with Temple Bead
  • Concealed side zip pocket
  • Two side pockets
  • Secure back pocket
  • Reflective side seam label

This style utilises a patented Snocord System, making the waist fully adjustable, while excess drawcord is concealed within the pockets.

The patented Temple Bead is a simple bead produced exclusively for maharishi in Switzerland by long term military zip provider, riri. The bead allows for elasticated cord to pass through when stretched, but holds the cord in place when relaxed. It's the only one part stopper ever designed.