Summer Polycotton - The Great Red Dragon Embroidery
  • Hand machined embroidery
  • Two concealed side zip pocket
  • Secure back pockets with press snap fastened flaps
  • Swiss riri maharishi zip
  • Hidden stash pocket in crotch
  • Articulated knee detail
  • Press snap fastened fly
  • Internal phone pocket
  • Reflective trim6 tab detail

Inspired by an image from a series of watercolour paintings by William Blake and maharishi’s perennial use of it’s iconic “Original Dragon” motif.

Maharishi’s use of Dragon iconography is based on the concept that a serpent, that most physically earth bound creatures with it’s entire body laying on the ground, represents the unenlightened man and the Dragon represents man leaving the physical earth, taking flight on a on a spiritual journey to acquire the pearl of wisdom.

maharishi Original Snopants feature the signature Snobutton System, allowing pants to be worn as either shorts, three-quarter length or full length.

This style utilises a patented Snocord System, making both the waist and hem fully adjustable, while excess drawcord is concealed within the pockets or internal hem.

The patented Temple Bead is a simple bead produced exclusively for maharishi in Switzerland by long term military zip provider, riri. The bead allows for elasticated cord to pass through when stretched, but holds the cord in place when relaxed. It's the only one part stopper ever designed.