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*“The greatest arrow is that which is broken.”*

The Autumn / Winter 2021 collection takes inspiration from the art of war, exploring the art of warriors from disparate cultures such as the indigenous American Comanches and the Japanese Samurai.

Garments express the dualities of these cultures through intricate patterns such as the ‘Samuranche’ embroidery, which combines elements of the traditional ‘tortoise shell’ Japanese battle dress of 17th century Samurai with the broken arrow peace symbol and pattern used by the Comanche.

The expansion of Maharishi’s mythological Tailor Shop roots in 1960s Vietnam continues this season with a focus on the unit patch embroidery and uniform of the Seawolves — a light helicopter attack squadron that supported the U.S. Navy Riverine Crews.

MAHAPATCHCO. has liberated an enormous cache of deadstock vintage military patches and insignia, abandoned by the U.S. Army at the end of the Vietnam war, which have been upcycled and used across Sukujan souvenir jackets, kimonos, and utility shirts.

The rarest of the Vietnamese camouflage patterns ‘Monster Tiger’ has been reproduced for the AW21 season. Previously only available in 1960s Vietnam Tailor Shops, the camouflage is celebrated for its roots in natural history and development by artists, rather than as a symbol of war, or a means to conceal oneself.

AW21 fabrics include British velvet from renowned English mill Brisbane Moss and a heritage melange wool from Abraham Moon & Sons — one of the last remaining vertical woollen mills in England, who have provided the British Red Coats and Air Force with wools since 1837.

Reinforcing efforts of sustainability, perennial fabrics organic cotton and natural hemp are utilised alongside technical textiles such as Japanese recycled nylon, which is dyed using vegetables and offers protection against the elements with tear-resistance and water-repellency.

A 1960’s era U.S. Army spec cotton poplin has been reproduced exclusively for Maharishi, as well as authentic replica cotton sateen reproduced with organic yarns.


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