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Maharishi presents its editorial for Autumn / Winter 2023 pre-season.

Defined by silhouettes which blend eastern influences such as the traditional dress of the Shinobi mixed with western tailoring and references spanning across various forms of military uniform.

Looks showcase two iterations of the Hakama pant in staple repro cotton poplin stonewashed for a vintage handle, whilst M65s are equipped with extra gussets and articulation for a wide range of motion.

Intricate artworks of a Fire Phoenix and Peace Cranes arrive as prints and hand-machined embroideries for Original Snopants®, camp collars and a stadium kimono constructed from Melton Wool, made in England by British heritage mill Abraham Moon & Sons.

A refined tailoring offer sees a suit crafted from Polaris Cotton, and various iterations of lightweight shirting in silhouettes true to Maharishi, with Hanten style closures and custom versions of 60s U.S. Army advisor’s uniforms.

Murasaki is the Japanese word which refers to the colour purple, and serves as the seasonal colour for Autumn / Winter 2023. Naturally dyed, it ties together heavyweight cotton sweats as a base for embroideries which celebrate the Samurai, as well as triptychs from Ukiyo-e artists from Edo Japan.

Shot by Elliot Jones @jones_photo on Ai (PRM Agency) and Olivia (IMM London).

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