‘The Art of the Invisible Warrior’

Ninjutsu (ninpō) is the Japanese martial art centred around warfare and strategy, employed by Ninjas during feudal Japan.

Specialising in unconventional techniques of warfare such as infiltration, sabotage and assassination during the age of the Samurai, Ninja’s were also referred to as Shinobi as they acted in stealth.

The collection reinterprets the traditional dress of the Shinobi as silhouettes are modified to showcase Maharishi’s house camouflage DPM: Bonsai Forest. A study into the martial art of Jujutsu and wider forms of Judo, military staples allow for an extended range of motion, through discreet gussets and articulation.

Tailoring features the use of Polaris Cotton, sourced in Italy from one of the first certified Oeko-Tex® Standard mills for leading sustainable and social practices, alongside the use of heavyweight organic cotton and hemp sweats arriving in a seasonal Murasaki Purple.

Original Snopants® and the return of the Original Snoskirt® are available in an organic cotton / recycled poly, with woodblock prints and hand-machined embroideries of peace cranes and warriors which pay homage to the Ukiyo-e artists of Edo Japan.

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