Celebrating the Year of the Monkey

This Chinese New Year honours the Monkey – a creature that symbolises intelligence, creativity, adventure, and quick wit. The year is celebrated by maharishi with an Embroidered Tour Jacket.

In traditional Chinese mythology the Monkey God can be seen in many traditional settings as a talisman of protection – or more playfully a rebellious skeleton as embroidered by maharishi.

The Year of the Monkey Jacket features a Flight Nylon front & a Moon Melton Wool back – woven in the UK, with contrast Nylon/Wool sleeves. It features hand-worked Monkey World embroidery on the back and a maha chest patch on the front, inspired by the iconic NASA emblem.

Other details include DPM: MAH.SAT. Europe silk lining and ribbed cuffs with thumbhole detailing. The Year of the Monkey Tour Jacket is available online & in-store in Black, Navy and Olive.