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Maharishi traditionally create a seasonal disruptive pattern within each collection, this Spring Summer the house camo Bonsai Forest is infiltrated by a textural photographic moon surface within the pre-existing heavenly cloud shapes, from which magical bonsai trees grow, now aided by the moon’s bio-dynamic forces. These elements reinforce the concept that camouflage has its roots in nature, natural history and art rather than the military; a concept that Blechman spent nearly a decade researching before publishing his findings in his book DPM: Disruptive Pattern Material. This DPM 10th anniversary pattern is entitled DPM: Lunar Bonsai and is available in grey Urban and darker black Night colourways, hand screen printed onto organic wovens and knitted cottons as well as digitally printed on fine pashmina shawls.

The lunar imagery is a reference to the collection theme which explores the culture of the Pacifist Prepper, this season with a focus on the Lunar Effect. In essence bio-dynamic farming considers the energy of the water and position of the moon and achieves a 30% greater yield than standard organic farming, a useful technique for the totally self sufficient Prepper. The position of the moon and other planets has a enormous electro magnetic effect on the Earth, as well as its plants, plant growth and people’s emotional states.



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