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The East · West Coalition capsule introduces aspects of the SS19 collection, expressing themes of duality - an ongoing exploration within the maharishi ethos - and forming an imagined peaceful coalition between the East and West.

The capsule consists of an embroidered Tour Jacket, which utilises a water-resistant coated cotton from renowned Italian mill Limonta, a compact weave cotton shirt, and organic cotton t-shirts and sweats.

Artworks take traditional tigerstripe shapes infilled with a leopard print - imagining a fantasy disruptive pattern that would be born if these powerful animals were to mate - creating an entirely new ‘Tigardstripe’ camouflage pattern. Garments fly the Pax Cultura flag, highlighting that art and culture take precedence over any military ‘necessity’.

The maharishi panther has evolved to incorporate a snake within its tail, inspired by the mythological Greek Chimera, as well as the U.S. Air Force - who’s 460th Division used the panther insignia during WWII to represent their bomber squadron - known as the Black Panthers.

The maharishi SS19 East / West Coalition capsule is available now in-store London, New York, and online - exclusive to maharishi.


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