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In celebration of the Lunar New Year for 2021, Maharishi pays tribute to the second animal in the zodiac cycle – the ox.

The capsule looks to the Yōkai folklore of western Japan, highlighting the bovine-headed demon known as the Ushi-Oni. Drawing great inspiration from Edo period artist Sūshi Sawaki, the creature is depicted with an ox's head attached to a spider-like torso, with six legs and long singular claws.

Other visuals include Maharishi’s perennial paper cut artwork, an embroidered patch based on the military unit that inspired the Chicago Bulls logo, plus guest artworks by Teach, Myoshka, and the first in a series of upcoming works with ©/®/TM The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

The Ushi-Oni is intricately embroidered on to a Kimono Stadium Jacket – a fusion of Eastern and Western silhouettes — constructed in a wool from British heritage mill Moon, who for centuries created wool jackets for the British Redcoats.

The Utility Shirt reproduces a classic 1960’s U.S. Army silhouette in organic cotton, modified with a Chinese-style knotted closure known as the ‘monkey fist’.

Available 11AM GMT Friday 5th February, online and in-store New York.


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