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The maha Tabi is a split-toe canvas boot, modelled on the traditional Japanese ‘jika-tabi’, featuring a Japanese MILTYPE print and adjustable heel fasteners.

The Tabi enhances natural movement and agility. Separating the big toe lifts the arch of the foot, which in turn lifts the ankle and supports the knee, pelvis, spine, and the neck — bringing the body back into alignment.

Utilised by Japanese construction workers, farmers, gardeners and also the military, the Tabi’s flexible sole results in increased gripping ability and dexterity. The split toe allows the feet to be used as an extra pair of hands and to hold items in place. During WWII Tabi’s were worn by the Japanese Special Forces, but were deemed a liability as the distinctive boot tread pattern was easy to identify.

Includes Japanese MILTYPE dust bag and Jason Markk Travel Cleaning Kit.

Available 11AM BST 04.05.18, exclusive to maharishi Store.

Free your feet, and your mind will follow.


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