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Maharishi continues to explore its mythological Tailor Shop roots, expanding into Tibet and travelling through the Himalayas.

The capsule highlights Eastern and Western influences through pacifist utilitarian design, exploring the cross-cultural modifications to armed forces uniforms and merging military cloths and trims with kimono silhouettes.

Reproduction Cotton Poplin and Cotton Sateen fabrics are available in the original OG-107 Olive colour standard, as well as in black – in reference to the Special Forces custom of overdyeing their uniforms to allow them to move like ninjas during night time covert operations.

The Maha Tailor Shop reproduce the grailed Tigerstripe Gold camouflage adopted by the U.S. Special Forces on their advisory tour of 1960’s Vietnam and explore the uniform of the Studies & Observation Group, much of which was originally sourced in Okinawa by the C.I.S.O. (Counter Insurgency Support Office).

Included in the capsule is the 8090 Camo Modified Jungle Kimono dedicated to Dana Stone — the American photojournalist that mysteriously disappeared in Vietnam in 1970.

Artworks and embroideries feature custom calligraphic script lettering by guest artist Solo Cink, featured across tour jackets and crushed woven hemp styles.

Photographer: Curtis Jehsta
Models: Randy Agyemang & Raj Dhaliwal



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