Padmore & Barnes for Maharishi · P404 VG

Padmore & Barnes for Maharishi · P404 VG

Maharishi collaborates with heritage shoemaker Padmore & Barnes on three colourways of their P404, the iconic hand-stitched moccasin boot. Hemp fabric has been used in Black, Desert and Orange retaining its original crepe sole, subtly accented by a trim 6.

Since 1934 Padmore & Barnes have been synonymous with fine shoemaking for generations. Hand-stitched and crafted to the highest standards. The P404 is an Original Padmore & Barnes style.

Hemp is one of the Earth’s most renewable resources and a perennial fabric to Maharishi featuring in all collections. The trim 6, which accents the collar on the left shoe, is a camouflage and hi-vis strip found on all Maharishi garments. Combining reflective fabrics with camouflage highlights the dualistic nature of all Maharishi collections and the pacifist approach to military-grade design.

All three colourways will be available Friday 23rd February, exclusively at Maharishi at 10:00 AM GMT online and 11:00 AM in-store London, 11:00 EST in-store New York.