maharishi x Majocchi · Lux Flight Nylon

maharishi have teamed up with Italian mill Majocchi to develop a luxurious, modern reinterpretation of the classic flight nylon fabric historically used on U.S. Army MA1 flight jackets.

Illustrated via microscopic imaging, the cloth features an extremely compact double fibre twill weave – differing from the original satin construction. It is woven combining super light nylon and microfibre polyester – making it windproof, resistant to abrasion, breathable, and insulating. A special double dyeing recipe results in a visual effect where garments can appear shiny or matte dependent on light conditions. The fabric has been finished with an anti-drop and water repellent treatment, while maintaining a silk like touch and feel.

A number of pieces in maharishi’s AW16 collection are made using the Lux Flight Nylon. The MA1 Jacket – a maharishi staple – shows the fabric in its classic military setting. The Quilted Crew Sweat takes advantage of the insulating and water repellent qualities, offering next-to-body comfort with the functionality of outerwear.