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Hemp belongs to one of Earth’s most versatile, resilient, and advanced plant families, which makes it particularly meaningful to Maharishi as a medium for product creation. It is a strong natural fibre that is naturally resistant to pests, therefore reducing its dependence on masses of harmful pesticides. Once harvested, its decomposed roots also enrich and strengthen the soil in which it grew.

As a testament to Maharishi’s continued efforts to produce ethically-sound, long lasting and environmentally sustainable clothing, the second collaborative output with Massachusetts-based, British founded sportswear company sees the LT Court built with an army green rubber outsole, chalk midsole, and an off-white hemp fabric upper. Maharishi’s LT Court Hemp offers a natural, understated take on the 40-year-old court model.

Available Friday 28th October, exclusively at Maharishi.
11AM BST online and in-store London, 11AM EST in-store NYC.

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