Original Shift for Maharishi

Original Shift showcases Spring / Summer 2024 in their latest editorial.

Excerpt from Original Shift.

"For Maharishi’s SS24 collection, we teamed up with the brand to highlight the product offerings, offering their own perspective on the capsule. Taking inspiration from the Japanese Martial Art of Shorinji Kempo, we lent into the theme of duality that underpins both Shorinji Kempo and Maharishi.

The technique of Kempo was developed by Doshi So (Kaiso), in response to the war that ravaged his country of Japan. The attrition and danger of war led him to the belief that human image must be recreated through a restoration of morality. Realising that lecturing would not pertain, he resorted to creating a physical discipline based on his learnings to provide the helpless with protection from the violence in the world. Thus, Shorinji Kempo was born.⁠⁠

The purpose, in this martial art, is to cooperate with your partner in order to create a single entity, a form in harmony with the two people training. The teachings of the Buddha form its core and so it is the life-style of Shorinji Kempo that is important. In order to train in Kempo, you have to change your mind with the help of another.⁠

Maharishi’s SS24 collection contains all of the staples that we have come to know the brand for; Snopants® adorned by intricate embroidery, organic hemp kimonos and vegetable dyed cargos."

Production by Shift Studio @shift______studio

Creative Direction and Photography by George William Vicary @georgewilliamvicary

Assisted by Emilie Brandford @_twoshoes

Fashion Direction by Harry Crum @harryjcrum