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The Panzā Pack offers an introduction to the Autumn Winter 2018 ‘Internationale Redactioniste’ collection.

Graphics and embroideries reflect the collection’s exploration of privacy concerns, with redacted text representing the current intensive corporate and government surveillance we are all held subject to, and the vast amount of information that is both taken and withheld from us.

The “Panzā” element is inspired by the insignia of the 761st Tank Battalion — an independent WWII Battalion primarily consisting of African-American soldiers. Owing to their insignia, they were known as the “Black Panthers” with their extreme effectiveness and bravery reflected in their multiple honours and motto — “Come Out Fighting”. This embroidered insignia can be found within this capsule on 6-panel caps (fittingly made in the USA), and organic cotton longsleeve t-shirts.

This use of military insignia is a nod to maharishi’s ongoing exploration of duality — the seemingly dichotomous slogan “Pacifist Military Design” represents a recognition of the supreme functionality and utility of military design and iconography which stands in stark contrast to an extreme disdain for violence and war.

Releasing alongside the cap and t-shirt are the signature organic Original Snopants, featuring a Panther Matrix embroidery.

Available 11am Friday 29th June, exclusive to maharishi London &


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