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*"We have drunk Soma and become immortal.”*

maharishi pays respects to plant based medicines and shamanic tradition with the Somaharishi Festival Capsule.

The earliest written reference to the consumption of fungi as a medicine is within the Vedas, ancient Sanskrit sacred texts. In these texts ‘Soma’ is described as an inebriating ritual drink, thought to give divine powers to those who drank it – due to the toxic fungi Amanita Muscaria, which was used to prepare the Soma.

Hand machined embroideries and hand screened prints highlight plants — including Amanita Muscaria, Peyote, Morning Glory, Datura and the ‘Sun Opener’ Salicifolia — across a number of organic cotton products, including the summer shirt, trackshorts, and Original Snopants, as well as a silk twill bandana.

The capsule also includes a nylon ripstop Pacaway Parka in maharishi disruptive patterns DPM: Sikh Nylon Ripstop and DPM: Bonsai Geo II Ripstop, which features internal carry straps and packs in to its own pocket with a cross body web strap.

Releases 11AM BST 19/04 in-store London and online, 11AM EST 19/04 in-store New York. Exclusively available at maharishi.

Eat responsibly.


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