Souvenir Dragon

Referencing WWII Sukajan jackets – a classic souvenir of the wondering soldier – the Ascending Dragon embroideries take inspiration from the traditional designs of New Mexican Chimayo woven textiles, as well as other South American artworks.

Variations of the embroidery are detailed across Original Snopants, Souvenir Jackets, Ballistic Vests and Silk Shirts.

Fabrics include a vegetable dyed eco twill made in Japan from recovered cotton waste, as well as an eco-conscious blend of cotton and lyocell – where sustainable wood pulp is transformed into cellulosic fibres whilst also recycling the water used in the process.

maharishi interprets the dragon as representing man’s spiritual quest for wisdom. A mythological creature, the dragon takes the form of a snake or serpent with wings. The snake, with its entire body bound to the Earth, is most symbolic of man on Earth. Once that serpent is given wings, it comes to represent man in flight on his spiritual quest.