Looking back to the future, 2020VISION reflects on how the year 2020 was envisaged back in the 90’s during the origins of maharishi.

Vintage Sukajan-style embroideries are outlined in 3M reflective thread, transforming what appear to be traditional tour artworks into futuristic depictions of cybernetic samurai, alien geishas and cyborg dragons.

Seasonal colours include Aurora Olive and Pink Panther – a nod to the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) – a reconnaissance and raiding unit of the British Army during WWII that coloured their vehicles using a dusty shade of pink.

Technical fabrics reinforce maharishi’s core sustainable values with natural vegetable-dying techniques across water-resistant mesh, recycled nylon, and eco-cupro twill made in Japan from recovered cotton waste. Staple fabrics organic cotton and natural hemp are utilised alongside seasonal textiles, such as a handloom ikat with a custom weave designed to mimic Strichtarn rain camouflage, and an eco-certified cotton with a recycled PET water-repellent coating.

Acknowledging the increasing unpredictability of weather, as man treads so heavily on planet Earth, DPM: Desert Rain fuses East German Strichtarn rain camo with elements of U.S. Desert Battle Dress Uniform (DBDU) ‘choc chip’ camo. This is offered alongside a sparser variant – DPM: Neo Rain – that nods to the varying sparsities of the grailed Vietnamese Tigerstripe camouflage.