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On the journey from Vietnam to the Himalayas, The Maharishi Tailor Shop encountered the Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand, and SS23 takes inspiration from their silhouettes, textiles and artwork styles of golden dragons, tigers and thai clouds.

Seasonal garment-dyed iterations of core hemp and trousers such as kimonos and Original Snopants® arrive in Rust and Silver Sage, whilst outerwear and organic cotton sweats feature refined pocket arrangements for everyday carry and travel.

Key prints include the return of DPM: Bonsai Forest, depicting trees growing from heavenly clouds and a water pattern, seen in a Pointillist iteration. An art movement which developed in 1886 which saw artists apply a series of dots and strokes to surfaces which blend together in order to be interpreted from afar.

Thai handcraft style is juxtaposed with technical cloths on shirting and transitional outerwear including a naturally waterproof cotton/hemp Ventile® woven in Switzerland, jersey and Cordura®'s NYCO® nylon cotton blend sourced from Japan.

The first delivery is available online at and in stores Maharishi London and New York.

Photographer: Elliot Jones @jones_photo
Models: Aadam Clark @showermanaadam + She-Lan Daune

<a href="">Original Snopants</a>


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