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17-11-2023 Journal

Spring / Summer 2024 Pre · Year of the Wood Dragon


Maharishi’s 30th anniversary falls in line with the auspicious Year of The Wood Dragon. In commemoration of this, SS24 preseason presents artworks of Tibetan dragons, clouds and calligraphy by guest artist Tashi Mannox as well as an exclusive capsule with Jean-Michel Basquiat, and graphic prints from longstanding Maharishi collaborators Kay One and Allister Lee.

Taking inspiration from the Karma Gadri school of Tibetan art, hand-drawn artworks have been intricately embroidered across mainstay silhouettes to show vivid and tonal iterations of Abundance and Descending dragons in the quest for pearls of wisdom.

Core styles feature in Recycled Polyester, Organic Cottons and Hemp alongside technical fabrics including naturally waterproof Ventile® Eco Cotton Hemp and Cordura® NYCO ripstop.

The seasonal fabric offer features naturally dyed organic cottons in a seasonal Subdued Blue and Bamboo Green, a wider development into Earth’s most sustainable resource has led to several blends of Hemp for shirting, sweats, and outerwear as it is combined with Ventile®. Technical cloths from Cordura® NYCO ripstop serve as the base for tour jackets and core trousers.

Photography: Rashidi Noah
Models: May Carter (IMG Agency) and Yash Jeebodhun (Kult Agency)

Available from 21st November, online and in-store.

Model wears (from left): 5012 Dragon Embroidered Kimono Parka, 5010 Snocord® Jump Pants, 5021 Descending Dragon Loose Snopants®

Model wears (from left): 5013 Cordura® NYCO® Dragon Tour Jacket, 5022 Lunar Dragon Utility Shirt

Model wears (from left): 5016 Abundance Dragon Hooded Sweat

Model wears (from left): 5014 30th Anniversary Hooded Sweat, 114 Maha M.A.L.I.C.E. Backpack, 5020 30th Anniversary Loose Snopants®

Model wears (from left): 5005 Hemp Camp Collar Shirt, 5017 Descending Dragon T-Shirt, 4039 Original Loose Snopants®

Model wears (from left): 5023 Cordura® NYCO® Dragon Sling Bag, 1258 Abundance Dragon Tour T-Shirt, 4589 Original Snoskirt