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Maharishi presents its latest editorial for Summer 2023.

With origins deeply rooted in Thailand, the Songkran Water Festival recognises man's connection to water and its importance throughout the South East region. Traditions stem from a time where Buddhists would visit temples to pour water over statues and on the hands of monks as a mark of respect. It is celebrated annually to mark the approach / start of the lunar new year.

Lightweight sets feature all over prints and Maharishi’s house camouflage DPM: Bonsai Forest. Whilst complex woodblock artworks are embroidered on organic cotton sweats and Original Snopants®, specifically the large-scale triptychs of Ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Yoshitsuya.

Inspired by the development of wet weather survival suits by the US Navy, outerwear silhouettes combine a fabrication of Flight Nylon, Upcycled Military Surplus and Resin Cotton with asymmetric eastern style closures on a selection of flight jackets and short parkas.

The latest delivery is available online at and in stores Maharishi London and New York.

Shot by @adamtitchener on @nile200


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