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The Technical Riverine capsule imagines contemporary versions of the military uniforms worn by 1960’s U.S. Navy Riverine Units —famed in the 1979 Vietnam War-era film ‘Apocalypse Now’.

Utility Shirts, Cargo Pants and Oversmocks are updated with contemporary functionality, including adjustable mesh neck gaiters, pre-formed leg articulation, and integrated jacquard webbing belts. 60’s era silhouettes are modified to create Eastern-inspired garments such as the Tech Kimono, which fuses the U.S. Army ECWS Parka and the traditional Kimono.

Fabrics include a micro-ripstop nylon recycled from waste yarn and naturally dyed using olives and bamboo charcoal. The textile is created by heritage Japanese mill Komatsu and is both water-resistant and quick-drying – offering protection from the elements, whilst remaining lightweight and breathable. Panels of Italian nylon reinforced with Resistex® carbon fibre allow for heat regulation and faster sweat evaporation to help maintain a constant body temperature.

Available in tones of olive inspired by the Olive-OG107 of the original U.S. Navy uniforms, as well as black and white colourways. Black garments nod to U.S. Special Forces operatives who often overdyed their uniforms black in order to hide in cover of darkness at night, and separate themselves from their army ranks as an elite force.

Available now, online and in-stores London and NYC.


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