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04-06-2024 Journal

Thar Desert Mahagara

The Great East / West Outdoors

Maharishi presents the Thar Desert capsule from The Great East/West Outdoors, focusing on the inspiration of the Thar people – nomadic natives of the Indo-Pak desert region, whose vibrant traditional folk craftsmanship translates to intricate embroideries across a range of silhouettes.

The Thar Desert is the most widely inhabited desert in the world, with a population density of 83 people per km2. These colourful nomadic herders live in harmony with the environment and their huge flocks of sheep and goats upon which their very existence depends. The majority of them undertake their spring and autumn migrations on foot, covering hundreds of kilometres in a matter of weeks.

For this collection, hand-machined embroideries of dragons and geometric desert patterns echo the designs of the camel shearers, intricately applied to a range of signature silhouettes including Original Snopants®, hemp track pants, and kimonos crafted from British-made Melton wool.


The region of the Indo-Pak is rich with camel culture, with the faithful companions acting as an integral part of the local communities. As well as a source of livelihood, camels are tools of recreation and entertainment, celebrated by their owners who enlist specialised barbers to shear artistic designs into their fur during the cooler months when it’s longer. The complete design of a camel takes 2 to 5 hours, depending on its size and the artwork in question.