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The maha Meditation Capsule offers upcycled military surplus and organic cottons in optic white, and fuses Tibetan Sanskrit blessings with baseball style chenille embroidered patches.

The rare vintage U.S. Army Food Inspector’s Smock Liner was originally designed for inspecting meat in large freezer rooms and features a split hood that can be worn as a full or half folded hood, or flat across the shoulders; a feature later adopted by baseball jackets.

Buddhists believe that, even if not fully comprehended, the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum creates positivity when read, or even just seen. Its application on military surplus intends to reinforce maharishi’s intention to reclaim and cleanse military surplus.

The capsule includes pure white MILTYPE embroidered and printed organic cotton crew sweats and sweatpants, alongside loose pants upcycled from vintage U.S. Army snow camouflage over trousers - the pant that maharishi began upcycling in 1994 and the base inspiration for Original Snopants.

Military design is so well funded through ‘Defense’ budgets and innovation responds to specific field requirements of the soldier, necessity being the best mother of invention. So much streetwear, sportswear, and functional design - including the t-shirt and the split hood - were originally developed by the military.

Pacifist Military Design is rooted in hijacking these defence department innovations through the ages with positive intention.

Split toe sports socks made in Italy punctuate the offer - continuing maharishi’s long history in modifying Tabi styled footwear and accessories.


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