Upcycled Vintage U.S. Army Camo Poncho Liners

This week’s release highlights the upcycling of vintage military surplus; transforming unwearable quilted poncho liners into ready-to-wear styles.

The Camo Spring Quilted Jacket features a ‘false flag’ embroidery - referencing covert military operations in which a government’s actions are falsely blamed on a different party.

The Camo Hood Inspector Fishtail Parka takes the silhouette of a classic M-51 parka and combines it with the split hood detailing from a military food inspector’s smock - which can be worn as a full hood, standing collar, or lay flat across the shoulders.

So much of modern sportswear and functional design has been developed by the military — such as the basic t-shirt and the split hood seen in vintage baseball jackets.

In part, military design is so effective because it is so well funded, benefitting from huge ‘Defence’ budgets. maharishi’s Pacifist Military Design is rooted in hijacking these Defence Department innovations through the ages, as they have been funded by taxes, and developing them to ensure they respond to contemporary urban functional and aesthetic requirements.

Also included in the release are Original Snopants updated in a breathable Organic Italian Light Cotton, and Mini Waist Bags constructed in Japanese Stand Cotton - a specially processed fabric that is tough and rigid in texture.