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maharishi release a holiday capsule in honour of the Winter Solstice, exploring its shared symbolism with festive Christmas traditions and ‘flying’ reindeer.

The ancient festival marks the shortest day of the year and the ‘return of the light’ as days begin to grow longer. Though there are a variety of different religious and cultural rituals, the focus is nearly always on honouring the sun as a divine source of energy.

Offering up alternatives to the traditional Christmas acrylic sweater, Organic Cotton Snopants and T-Shirts feature artworks that explore the true symbolic meaning of the festival, such as a reindeer’s ability to ‘fly’ with the aid of Santa’s little helper – the Fly Agaric Mushroom.

The conveniently festive red and white spotted mushroom is a delicacy for reindeers, who’s urine is then traditionally consumed by both shamans and reindeer herders alike – taking advantage of their fungus-inundated flock.

Available 11AM GMT Friday 6th December online, and in London and New York stores.


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