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Maharishi draws inspiration from the history of mapmaking, nomadic cultural practices and continued perennial exploration of the concept of duality, to express the balanced interaction of what can often initially seem like opposing forces. 


Cartography and mapmaking have been amongst the most important developments in human history for millennia, allowing explorers to traverse the planet and interpret the world around us. Studying the surface and underlying foundations of landscapes to aid navigation and exploration has been key to the development of all cultures from as early as 25,000 BC.

Shown through lines connecting points of equal elevation, contours are the most distinguishable factor of topographic maps, helping to define arrangements in landforms throughout nature such as mountains and rivers as well as landmarks and buildings in urban environments.

Maharishi abstracts topographic maps for it’s AW24 collection, incorporating a stylised contoured map of London for a DPM pattern which places 2-3 Great Pulteney Street, Maharishi’s London base, in its centre.