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Rainbow Cloud-study, Vertical

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Lascaux acrylic and mica ink on stretched canvas. Supplied in a charcoal black stained frame.

  • 54 x 54 x 5.5 cm

A collection of vertical flowing cloud designs in varying different colour combinations and form.

Such stylistic Tibetan rainbow clouds represent miraculous heavenly manifestations.  Found as wall decoration in Buddhist temples of the Far East, classical designs that mimic silk woven brocades of China and Japan.

The construction and colour combinations have a set code and harmony, where each colour-set is organised from dark to light that occupy proportionate balance. The rule of separating cool and warm colour groups is carefully considered to deliver harmony to the overall composition. Each cloud colour-set is finished with a fine lined mica ink outer edge of bright lustre. This catches in the right light reflecting conditions, to shine magically – illustrating every cloud has a silver lining.

The top most cloud holds a wishful-filling jewel.

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