Autumn / Winter 2023 · Original Snopants®

Original Snopants® have been long established as Maharishi’s signature trouser, having featured in each collection since 1996.

Seen in the most recent Autumn / Winter 2023 NYC editorial by the team at our Lispenard street store.

Fitted with various patented systems and trims such as the Snocord® system manufactured exclusively for Maharishi by long-term military metal zip manufacturer, Riri. Allowing the trouser to be tailored and worn in various forms to suit the wearer.

AW23 seasonal updates see Original Snopants® available in Hemp Corduroy and the addition of Murasaki Purple as well as core colours and fabrics.


Intricate free-hand machined embroideries are synonymous with Snopants®, consistently offered with seasonal artworks in a variety of fabrics. For Autumn / Winter 2023 the woodblock and triptych works of Ukiyo-e masters Utagawa Kuniyoshi and Kuniteru are referenced to produce tonal and gradient iterations of these artworks.



Original Snopants® are mostly constructed from Maharishi's blend of Organic Cotton and Recycled Poly, allowing the fabric to be quick drying as well as highly breathable. For Autumn / Winter 2023, a refined offer of Hemp Corduroy and Cordura® NYCO® twill and ripstop are introduced to the core silhouette.



The silhouette is based on an early U.S. Army Snow Camouflage Over Trouser – a basic shell that was designed to be worn over military combat uniforms. Refining and improving on the original design, modifications were made to the silhouette and construction, and accessories were completely overhauled. A modified cargo iteration is offered with a large M65 style compartment with pop-stud closures, and cargo straps which can be stowed within the pocket when not in use.



Original Snopants® are also offered in a straight fit which allow for a closer fit. Additional functionality is added in the form of the patented Snocord® and Snobutton® system - allowing the wearer to fully adjust the trouser length.

Once the cord is adjusted to the desired length, its locked with the patented Temple Ball - a unique single part metal bead, produced exclusively for Maharishi in Switzerland by long-term military metal zip manufacturer, Riri.