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Since 1994 Maharishi have included a focus on utility and functionality within garment design. Whilst start points have often been inspired by military surplus, many developments are original, unique to Maharishi and embedded within each collection, providing contemporary solutions for everyday carry and adjustability to suit the wearer.

The Snocord® system ensures both the waist and hem are fully adjustable, while excess drawcord is concealed within the hand pockets or small internal pockets inside the hem - providing clean lines and ensuring cords aren’t caught on door handles or bike wheels. Used vertically, the Snocord® system allows fully adjustable pant length.

Once the cord is adjusted to the desired length, its locked with the patented Temple Ball - a unique single part metal bead, produced exclusively for Maharishi in Switzerland by long-term military metal zip manufacturer, Riri.

The metal ball allows for the elasticated cord to pass through when stretched for adjustment, but holds the cord in place when left relaxed.

Most Maharishi trousers include a phone pocket within the hand pocket, a secure zip pocket and internal stash pockets.

Snocords® and Temple Beads

Original Snopants®

Maharishi Original Snopants® feature the signature Snobutton® system, allowing pants to be worn as either shorts, three-quarter length, or full length by fastening the internal epaulette straps to the buttons on the leg seams.



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