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MAHAPATCHCO. — a sister company to the Maha Tailor Shop — explores the Entertainer and Tour Jackets worn during the Vietnam War era.

To boost the morale of troops during wartime, entertainers such as musicians, actors, and comedians would go on tour visiting military barracks — collecting embroidered patches as souvenirs as they travelled, and adding a patch for each stop on the tour.

Locally embroidered patches would be commissioned by proud unit commanders, often enlarged to double or triple their usual size, so that they could be seen on stage from afar.

For Spring Summer 2021, MAHAPATCHO. has produced a number of Tour Jackets featuring collaborative patches from Hyperdub, Myoshka, Kay One, Teach, Todd James, OJAS, Gasr, Andy Warhol and XL Recordings, as well as rare original patches from U.S. Navy Riverine units, and authentic 60s anti-war patches.

Silhouettes include a classic MA-1 Flight Jacket modified with a kimono collar, a Utility Smock based on a 1940's oversmock reconstructed in crushed hemp, and a poncho inspired by the capes worn by military nurses.

Photos: Cosmo Webber


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