Spring Summer 2018 Lookbook

The journey to the top of the mountain is the destination.

maharishi Spring Summer 2018 continues the thematic exploration of East-West, this season combining Tibetan Buddhist blessings with American sportswear to create an imagined Buddhist baseball team uniform. Military styles normally found in olive have been reconsidered in meditation inspired whites, further diffusing their past military association.

Featured across the collection is the Buddhist mantra 'Om Mani Padme Hum' — the most widely used of all Buddhist mantras. There is a positive effect in seeing or reciting these words, even if not understood or fully comprehended.

The collection continues to reflect maharishi's perennial journey to the top of the mountain, being reminded that the journey is the destination. This season’s disruptive camouflage pattern DPM: Cumulus takes inspiration from altitude clouds in the mountains and is offered in night, dusk, sky, and a fresh summer woodland.

Photos by Frank Lebon.