Spring / Summer 2024 · Original Dragon

Spring / Summer 2024 · Original Dragon

In celebration of Maharishi’s 30th anniversary, SS24 sees the return of Maharishi’s earliest artwork; the Original Dragon.

Dragons have been viewed through a very different prism in various cultures, with most Eastern cultures viewing them as an auspicious, positive symbol of strength and wisdom whilst conversely being widely perceived in the west as evil, pagan monsters to be feared.

The use of the Dragon is based on the concept that a serpent, the most physically earth bound of creatures with it’s entire body laying on the ground, represents the unenlightened and the Dragon represents man leaving the physical earth, taking flight on a spiritual journey to acquire the pearl of wisdom; engulfed in flames and difficult to grasp.

The iconic Dragon is filled with house pattern DPM: Bonsai Forest. Bringing together two core thematic and aesthetic influences of camouflage's artistic roots within nature as the artwork appears on Western military-inspired garments in various forms and core silhouettes from Maharishi’s collections, such as Original Snopants®, Snoshorts®, and Kimonos.

Photography: @henry_rich on @argh_no