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15-05-2024 Journal


Maharishi draws inspiration from the history of mapmaking, nomadic cultural practices and continued perennial exploration of the concept of duality, to express the balanced interaction of what can often initially seem like opposing forces. 

Models wear (from left): Tour Dragon Map MA1 Jacket, 5241 Thar Desert Hooded Sweat, 5213 Hemp Asym Cargo Track Pants.

Models wear (from left): 5243 Thar Dragon L/S T-Shirt, 5218 Cordura Simtex WR Boonie Hat, 5200 Hemp Jungle Utility Jacket, 5223 Cordura Asym Armour Vest, 5224 Contour Cargo Trek Pants.

Cartography has been one of the most important human advancements for millennia, allowing people to traverse the globe and interpret the world. Maharishi abstracts topographic maps for its collection, incorporating a stylised, contoured outline of London as a new seasonal disruptive pattern DPM: London Contour that places 2-3 Great Pulteney Street, Maharishi’s London headquarters, at its centre and is featured on reversible technical outerwear as well as organic cotton t-shirts and sweats.

Models wear (from left): 1285 Patchwork Kimono Overshirt, 5211 Hemp Camp Collar Shirt, 5241 Thar Desert Hooded Sweat, 1113 MALICE Monk Sling Bag.

The artwork for the Tour Dragon Map capsule references an early 19th-century painting depicting a map of Vietnam as a dragon. The original stylised map was conceived during the reign of Emperor Minh Mang, a rigid Confucian known for his opposition to French involvement in Vietnam. Original Snopants®, sweatpants and MA-1 flight jackets feature iterations of the artwork as signature house prints and hand-machined embroideries serving as a nod to the “in country” tailor shop-made souvenir tour jackets of U.S. soldiers.