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Maharishi showcases key pieces from the season in the latest Winter 2022 editorial.

Several iterations of Upcycled panel work are seen in the shapes of Maharishi core silhouettes, as well as rare issue flight jackets such as the A-2 worn by USAF fighter pilots in WWII incorporating recycled quilted liners and panels cut from sourced M60 Czech Field Jackets.

M65s which saw their inception during WWII are seen in a Black Watch and Olive check woven in the outer Hebrides by Harris Tweed®. Considered to be one of the most effective pieces of outerwear for outfitting infantry, are cut to their original specification, only to be updated with internal carry straps for more efficient everyday carry and accents of other classics with distinct military origins such as the MA-1 are seen in Flight Nylon panels in the pocket arrangement.

Exclusively for Maharishi, Kanata® hand knits two versions seen in a Cowichan woven to depict DPM: Golden Tigerskins and a mock neck crew celebrating indigenous Salish weaving techniques, showcasing two different Fair Isle patterns on the front and reverse.

Ideas of flight are further explored through U.A.P and Winter Eagle embroideries, hand-machined on Original Snopants® and garment-dyed cotton/hemp sweats. Held together by a series of accessories featuring discreet MILTYPE tabs.

Photographer: Curtis Jehsta: @curtisjehsta
Videographer: Joe Holton
Models: Lil C @lil_clart & Jos


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