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maharishi’s AW19 disruptive pattern DPM: Chacruna Forest unifies the nations by blending elements of Belgian and U.S. Tigerstripe camouflage patterns, adding a twist to Cuba’s ‘Elm Leaf’ camo by infiltrating the background with ayahuasca shaped vines, and updating the elm leaf to the shape of the famed chacruna leaf.

Chacruna leaves and ayahuasca vines are the ingredients used to make the brew more commonly known simply as ‘ayahuasca’, the justifiably revered South American plant-based medicine.

The pattern is hand-screenprinted on to 100% organic cotton woven and knits, across a selection of silhouettes such as cargo smocks, trackpants, sweatshirts, caps and masks.

Photography and direction - Curtis Jehsta
Stylist - Domenico Landolfi
Models - Lara Feitosa / Paul Mwesigwa c/o PRM


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