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MHI’s latest seasonal camouflage pattern is DPM: English Oak and is MHI’s bold graphic take on maharishi’s AW13 DPM: English Oak & Berry a photo real rendition of an English Oak forest infused with bright red edible berries, referencing the hi visibility colours included in many hunting patterns. Several US states outlawed non hi-vis camo for hunting as a result of so many hunting accidents (approx 1000 a year in the US, including 100 fatalities) where hunters successfully hide from fellow hunters and get caught in the cross fire! With so much of the prey being colour blind, the orange and hi-vis layer in the patterns is only visible to humans.

Maharishi and it’s diffusion label MHI aim to convey a strong anti-war sentiment through its use of camouflage – reclaiming its symbolic value away from war, back to its roots in nature and development by artists and to highlight objections to continued 21st Century warfare. To further that message Maharishi’s founder and creative director Hardy Blechman created DPM – Disruptive Pattern Material: An Encyclopedia of Camouflage. DPM charts the history of camouflage totalling 944 pages, from its roots in the natural world to its adoption by the military through to its proliferation in areas of modern culture such as art, fashion and music.



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