DPM: Leopard

SS19’s camouflage pattern draws inspiration from the leopard camouflage of the Zairean Army during the 70s and 80s. The leopard, one of nature’s camouflage masters, utilises a method known as countershading where the colouration of the body is darker on the upper and lighter on the underside. These two elements are brought together to highlight maharishi’s vision to detach camouflage from its military associations and promote its roots in nature and art. The Infrared colourway nods to photographer Richard Mosse – who shot using the infrared film Kodak Aerochrome while documenting the ongoing conflicts in Eastern Congo. Mosse explains “Kodak Aerochrome is a recently discontinued military surveillance technology, developed during the Cold War with the primary objective of perceiving camouflaged enemy installations hidden in the landscape. The use of analog infrared film in Eastern Congo evokes the specificity of that medium, its genesis as a military technology and its potential to reveal the invisible.”