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In an era of escalating surveillance by government agencies and corporations, Maharishi seek deep cover and look for inspiration in the way of the ninja – the original masters of stealth. In Maharishi’s interpretation, the function of these garments is changed from one of combat preparedness, to 21st century utility, with cuts and detailing specifically suited to the needs of the international traveller


The disruptive pattern, ‘DPM: MAHSAT Europe’ has been developed to represent satellite display imagery and is printed in bright green and red on a black base. Integrated within the design is a pointillist version of the Bonsai Forest house camouflage pattern – its natural and organic shapes infilled with a dotted pattern recalling the techniques of artists Georges Seurat and Roy Lichtenstein. This 21st century pointillism has been designed to disrupt video surveillance systems.


The print is used throughout the collection but can be seen here on a few highlighted styles. A hooded visor sweat in organic cotton features an integrated barbouta hood with adjustable zip closure and Italian 2 ply nylon water resistant panels, as well as internal Swiss coolmesh hand cuffs and thumbholes; again referencing the ninja.



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