Green Shinobi · Hemp & Organic Cotton

The Green Shinobi capsule draws inspiration from the practice of "Ninjutsu" – or the "art of stealth" – which can be traced back hundreds of years to ninjas living in forests and mountainous regions.

They would hone their skills of invisibility and camouflage by becoming one with nature, practicing their methods of approaching enlightenment by walking through fire, standing beneath freezing waterfalls, and hanging over the edges of cliffs, in an effort to overcome fear and assume the powers of nature.

The capsule utilises the maharishi staple fabric, hemp. This strong natural fibre is naturally resilient to pests, reducing any need for masses of harmful pesticides.

Roots of the hemp plant are large and so when cropped, a lot of plant matter is left underground – enriching and strengthening the soil as it decomposes and creates orgone energy.

Hemp is combined with organic cotton sweat and jersey, offered across sweats and t-shirts, alongside organic cotton embroidered trackpants. Artworks feature the chameleon – a major inspiration to ninjas unity with nature and its forces, as well as the chameleon being symbolic of the ninja, hidden in plain sight.