Panzā Pack

Friday’s release sees an update to the AW18 Panzā Pack — inspired by the 761st Tank Battalion — an independent WWII battalion primarily consisting of African-American soldiers known as the “Black Panthers”.

The use of embroidered military insignia is a nod to maharishi’s ongoing exploration of duality — recognising the functionality and utility of military design and iconography that stands in stark contrast to an extreme disdain for violence and war.

Included in the release is 7088 Camo Panza 761st Mil Shirt featuring the season's DPM: Redacted U.S. Woodland 81, as well as the 7096 Panzer 761st Hooded Sweat and 7097 Panther Crew Sweat - both of which are exclusive to maharishi.

Available 11AM BST 21/09 in-store and online.