Shattered Visions

The Shattered Visions capsule releases exclusively at maharishi this week, highlighting maharishi's deconstructed graphics of SS19; artworks are partially abstracted and shattered – inspired by Cubism, the art movement that formed the basis of the development of military camouflage around 1915. Artworks are further inspired by Surrealism and Bauhaus; more specifically by photographer William Klein and artist Kurt Schwitters.

Consisting of a Coach Jacket made in nylon twill typically used on MA1 flight jackets and organic cotton t-shirts and hooded sweats, the release also nods to William Blake – the tortured artist and poet who had visions throughout his life, visiting Heaven and parallel universes.

Releases 11AM GMT 17/05 in-store London and online, 11AM EST 17/05 in-store New York. Exclusively available at maharishi.