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maharishi's environmental concerns include and promote an awareness of and respect for the true natural lunar and solar cycles.

From the Latin ‘sol sistere’ – ‘sun stand still’, Summer Solstice celebrates the sun as it reaches the furthest point from the equator, resulting in the longest day of the year.

Also known as Midsummer, it marks the halfway point of summer and the first harvest of crops and plants. Though there are a variety of different religious and cultural rituals, the focus is nearly always on honouring the sun as a divine source of energy.

maharishi celebrate the solstice with an exclusive capsule, consisting of a lightweight summer shirt and trackshorts, plus an organic cotton t-shirt and embroidered 6 panel cap.

Releases 11AM GMT 21/06 in-store London and online, 11AM EST 21/06 in-store New York, exclusively available at maharishi.

For those in England, catch the sunrise at 4:42AM on 21/06 — sun gaze, breathe, awaken.


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