Upcycled M51 Kimono Rib Jacket

7410 Upcycled M51 Kimono Rib Jacket, reclaimed US Army cotton.

The white variant reworks vintage US Army Snow Camouflage Overtrousers - which utilised the simple (and not hugely successful) technique of background colouration. These overtrousers have been recycled by maharishi since 1994, however surplus stocks ran dry around 1997 – prompting the creation of the Original Snopants, which included many original design features and an entirely new, less voluminous silhouette. In 2017 a stash of the original 1980’s US Army pant was discovered in storage and used to create the Kimono Rib Jacket.

The olive colourway reclaims surplus US Army M-1951 Arctic Shell Trousers, used by GI’s during the Korean War era. Similar in style to the Snow Camo Overtrousers, they were traditionally worn over field trousers when soldiers were inactive (in a listening post, for example) in temperatures of -40°C, with a cold weather liner attached inside the shell.