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  • DPM: Bonsai Forest · Blaze Woodland

    For AW23, Maharishi takes inspiration from the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia by taking the DPM: Bonsai Forest pattern, and implementing blaze orange into the colour palette.
    DPM: Bonsai Forest · Blaze Woodland
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  • DPM: Tigerskins

    For SS22, Maharishi reproduce a rare Tigerstripe camouflage variant dubbed 'Golden Tigerskins', originating in Vietnam during the 1960s.
    DPM: Tigerskins
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  • DPM: Monster Tiger

    AW21's disruptive pattern is a faithful reproduction of the extremely rare camouflage DPM: Monster Tiger, historically only found in the Tailor Shops of 1960s Vietnam that provided visiting U.S. soldiers with uniforms and modifications.
    DPM: Monster Tiger
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  • DPM: ARVN/Purples

    Produced within a series for the Maha Tailor Shop, DPM: ARVN – also known as ‘Purples’, ‘Bulletproofs’ or ‘Bloodcake’ – is a rare camouflage originally worn by paratroopers of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam in 1968, and then adopted by some of the U.S. Special Forces whilst they acted as advisors to the ARVN.U.S. uniforms were re-made in the Vietnamese pattern in local factories or tailor shops – in part because this helped show some solidarity with the ARVN, and in part because of the popularity of the pattern itself during the 1960s.
    DPM: ARVN/Purples
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  • DPM: Mamushi

    AW20 sees the introduction of DPM: Mamushi – a two-layer disruptive pattern inspired by the camouflage commonly worn by South Korean high school students who received military training during the 1970s–1990s.
    DPM: Mamushi
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  • DPM: Desert Rain

    Acknowledging the increasing unpredictability of weather, as man treads so heavily on planet Earth, DPM: Desert Rain fuses East German Strichtarn rain camo with elements of U.S. Desert Battle Dress Uniform (DBDU) ‘choc chip’ camo.DPM: Desert Rain is offered alongside a sparser variant – DPM: Neo Rain – that nods to the varying sparsities of the grailed Vietnamese Tigerstripe camouflage.
    DPM: Desert Rain
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  • DPM: Chacruna Forest Stripe

    maharishi’s AW19 disruptive pattern DPM: Chacruna Forest unifies the nations by blending elements of Belgian and U.S. Tigerstripe camouflage patterns.
    DPM: Chacruna Forest Stripe
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  • DPM: Leopard

    SS19’s camouflage pattern draws inspiration from the leopard camouflage of the Zairean Army during the 70s and 80s.
    DPM: Leopard
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  • DPM: Tigardstripe

    DPM: Tigardstripe fuses multiple disruptive patterns — creating an entirely new camouflage. Artworks take traditional tigerstripe shapes infilled with a leopard print, imagining a fantasy disruptive pattern that would be born if these powerful animals were to mate. A further variation of DPM: Tigardstripe layers the tigerstripe shapes over the Desert colourway of Maharishi’s house pattern DPM: Bonsai.
    DPM: Tigardstripe
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    In Autumn Winter 2018 maharishi explores the dichotomy of corporations and governments seeking to surveil their citizens, whilst unwillingly having their own secrets exposed.
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  • DPM: Cumulus

    The Spring Summer 2018 collection continues to reflect Maharishi’s perennial journey to the top of the mountain, being reminded that the journey is the destination.
    DPM: Cumulus
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  • DPM: British Haze

    Autumn Winter 2017 introduces DPM: British Haze – a two-colour camouflage that mimics the texture of hand spray-painting, and is offered in traditional terrain inspired colourways Desert, Woodland, and Night, as well as Skyline Ghost, a colourway inspired by the U.S. Airforce.The Camo Cargo Smock is constructed in an organic Italian cotton canvas, and features a detachable hood with a bendable edge allowing the peak to be easily reshaped. The Overshirt utilises a lightweight yet durable pearl weave cotton – an intricately woven hard wearing fabric developed for Jiu-Jitsu gi’s.Italian wool knitwear is offered in a heavy Baseball Shirt and a Long Gi Knitted Parka, with organic cotton Reversible L/S T-Shirts and Camo Sweat Pants rounding off the release.
    DPM: British Haze
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