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Flaming Dragons Pearl

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Lascaux acrylic and mica ink on stretched canvas. Supplied in a charcoal black stained frame.

  • 54 x 54 x 5.5 cm

For Far Eastern iconography, the mythological dragon is usually depicted along with a flaming pearl or jewel, which is considered inseparable as one of the main attributes of the dragons rich and powerful symbolism.

Depending on the composition of a dragon, this pear is typically spat out before the dragon, spinning forward while flames lick in a magical trail of fire like lightening. Or if the composition of the dragon is face on, the pearl sits centre as if guarded in protection of its preciousness.

This pearl represents essential life force of the elements, which is also considered a wishful-filling gem. A Tibetan style dragon is often depicted grasping similar jewels in its talons, representing the holder and guardian of wealth.

It is for this reason that this artwork is presented in an overall rich yellow colour, representing the riches of the earth – an auspicious insignia of prosperity.

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