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Respect Nature · Utilise Technology

Maharishi celebrates its 30th anniversary, which serendipitously coincides with the Lunar Year of the Wood Dragon. Narratives and artworks seen throughout the collection symbolise flexibility, strength and resilience as capsules explore the synergy between nature and technology, celebrating their harmonious coexistence.
Respect Nature · Utilise Technology

Bamboo is commonly utilised as a building material and scaffolding in the East, particularly the ‘Giant Dragon Bamboo’, recognised for bearing the largest and tallest stems of any Bamboo species known to man. Vivid embroidery and prints across the collection draw inspiration from the high concentration of neon signs and bamboo scaffolding along Hong Kong’s iconic Nathan Road, highlighting their scale and luminosity.

Imagery of Bamboo also holds auspicious significance, aligning with the Feng Shui symbols associated with prosperity and good fortune. Original Snopants®, sweats, and various iterations of the MA-1 Flight Jacket showcase intricate embroidery of mythological creatures in unison with bamboo structures, honouring the Zodiac and Lunar calendars.

Maharishi’s 30th anniversary revisits perennial themes of camouflage and the continued use of eco-conscious fabrics. Aiming to highlight camouflage’s roots in nature, house pattern DPM: Bonsai Forest is reimagined with Dragon Scales serving as prints for heavyweight organic cotton sweats and an Italian reflective resin Polyester by Italian fabric mill NT Majocchi.The seasonal technical offer continues the use of recycled nylon, veg-dyed by Japanese mill Komatsu, for new and refined outerwear and trouser silhouettes.